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That chair
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33 Responses

  1. Rares Tincu says:

    loved this video

  2. Reltpid says:

    Someone: camping
    Pro: "OK whatever"… kill the camper
    Not-pro: killed by camper and crying to the game company and random site

  3. Some Nerd says:

    It sounds like the person who wrote this sucks at gaming and got triggered or they’re parents who’s child got pissy

  4. Axel Simillon says:

    Complain about campers in 2017, nice article !

  5. RGH Toxicity says:


  6. Prime_717 says:

    Being good at a game = toxic some kids cant take L's

  7. RazTheCrash Is Gay says:

    Here’s my toxic gamer list(personal opinion)
    -Play excesses without eating and cleaning hygiene.
    -Spend over games that you’re not going to play.
    -Taking way too serious online.

  8. Atomizer74 says:

    8:50 YUS, YUS! <clap clap> YUUUSSSS!
    Shit talking is just a part of the competitive nature, what they are saying is, don't be aggressive, or "toxic", WHILE YOU KILL EVERYBODY!

  9. Jens Vegeby says:

    Då måste jag vara riktigt giftigt, orka springa runt 🙂

  10. Chris Colquhoun says:

    I’ve never camped…truly.

  11. Jacob Timm says:

    I'll never forget losing my first full rune set to a scammer in runescape. He told me he could trim it. Was a valuable lesson.

  12. Jacob Timm says:

    I've never camped. It isn't fun. I've played sniper but I move after every kill/shot.

  13. jeuri f. says:

    If I watch the whole ad, does he get paid more ?


    Tnx father pewdiepie…..

  15. Gaurav Pun says:

    I love PewDiePie Nigga!

  16. HardBeen says:

    the world must be balanced with good and evil , you can't just act good you have to be evil as well.

  17. Cunfldnf says:

    Nice! He said fuck and its still monetized.

  18. Karen Robertson says:

    Runescape > Tibia

  19. Dominant Wolf says:

    Sounds like it's written by a beta soy boy sjw who sucks at games and doesn't understand the various communities

  20. Tøxic Gamer says:


    (My YT user)

  21. Vance Biondo says:

    Listen man USE IT ALL DAY lol ya need me as your core content clown DIDECT MY LIFE DAILY

  22. Vance Biondo says:

    No privacy Bro ?

  23. Vance Biondo says:

    webs loaded With Crazy s.it were worried about SWARING ?? NO SH.T?

  24. Actual Trash says:

    I'm not gonna lie it is pretty annoying when people camp

  25. Suzy E says:

    but why did you use THAT specific word out of all the curse words out there? that's why people got mad and offended. you just dont use that word. it shouldnt be in your arsenal of insults. and "i didnt say it TO the person"….yeah you kinda did. "what a fucking n*gger". i mean….pretty damn close pewds. and to follow it up with "what an a**hole". i mean, n*gger and a**hole arent synonymous. jesus. and then to say "sorry it slipped out"…but why did you even have it in your brain as an insult? i just dont get it.

  26. panda-chan says:

    As a kid I was horrible and somewhat a bully but when I got 12 my parents allowed me to play video games and I got to release my toxic energy somewhere else. It's fun to do all sort of horrible things you want to do without hurting anyone in reality. I also got to sport like boxing and badminton, I take it really seriously and competitive it's good to release your bad energy in safe ways and in the end you have fun, learn and get fit.. well the last one is more for physical activities

  27. Aaa Bbb says:

    Good excuse

  28. Mika de Grote says:

    "Article" haha funniest joke

  29. Sixten_k2 Memes says:

    camping pisses me off as well

  30. Eltjavo says:

    Letting your team lose on purpose is not part of the game.

  31. A.J. Hubb says:

    Poison type till the end

  32. Fiona Brennan says:

    wait genuine question: does pewds wear contacts? at like 3:28 i swear it looks like he is

  33. Alvi Fadhollah says:

    For the second point, I just don't understand what's your point, pewds. It's pretty acceptable when someone get offended when their mother get insult, why you ask? Because we love her.

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