7 Minutes of Fallout 76 Gameplay – E3 2018

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Here’s all of the gameplay footage from this years Bethesda Conference at E3 all in a neat snack-able package!
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44 Responses

  1. J And J says:


  2. DJDreamy Boy says:

    What the fuck is this shit ? I just..can't ! Apart from the music that always was top notch in Fallout games , everything else looks bad. Terrible game play , useless grinding and NO NPC-s NO DIALOGUE ! What the hell. Dislike from me , not buying this. I am gonna stick with Fallout 4 and New Vegas.

  3. Piotr Wojtaszek says:

    wow, a cool little mod for Fallout 4, so nice. So how about that next F76, wonder what that's gonna be like.

  4. Mental_dexterity says:

    I think there should be defence countermeasures for nukes in the build workshop. It could get very frustrating having your base ruined, Part of the fun of multiplayer is building and exploring together.

  5. Jake Edwards says:

    I assume this will be entirely online then even if you were to play solo? It's a shame if it is but I can understand why Bethesda would dedicate a whole game to it, similar to Elder Scrolls Online. Really don't want to have to buy online membership


    Who is the rock n roll singer?

  7. Павло Яковенко says:

    ох и хуйня…

  8. Goon Kamm says:

    do no external mods mean that there arent any mods just microtransactions so bethesda is pulling an EA dont fall for this keep complain like with starwars battlefront cause it someone pays for a noob to to get bettter weapon on more xp im out

  9. Marek Marcinowicz says:

    No noc? Tenis od jest Minecraft

  10. EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! says:

    I respect Bethesda and love Fallout, but they need to make some changes to their combat system and update their graphics. This looks old tbh… Have you guys seen Metro Exodus? I know the sandbox is way much smaller, but that looks WAY better than Fallout 76. Please Fallout devs, upgrade your combat system and your graphics!

  11. Berlinbaer1 says:

    Please no pipe weapons ._.

  12. HxT 49 says:

    Every good game was criticized before playing it … after a while .. it takes top spots among good games

  13. Sephus says:

    I think es6 was announced too early.

  14. TheYear 1913 says:

    absolute ass

  15. Mom's Spagethetti says:

    I want a fat man turret

  16. Keyblade Master Strife says:

    Man those 7 minutes of gameplay felt like a 7 minute trailer

  17. Yah boi fuze says:

    Can everyone [email protected] off about the bad stuff just think of the amazing fun stuff, Jesus

  18. sadams69100 says:

    thats not gameplay.. thats a clickbait.

  19. wefgwegwe wegweg says:

    it looks old

  20. EnthusiasticCanady says:

    This is why sticking to Fallout 4 is a valid option

  21. Lucas Bernardo says:

    1:15 tchau!

  22. Shardul Aneja says:

    How do I respawn in this game?

  23. TastyTarco says:

    i can already tell that this games going to have a super salty community with all the raiding and stuff

  24. Hunter 01 says:

    Im sure its just shit like other games haha You want to play together with the players instead they just kill you all the time doesnt sound like fun.

  25. eugenioLU91 says:

    "gameplay" video seems like just a trailer clip, this makes me wonder if they did that cause there s actually no significant gameplay to show.

  26. Fallout Archive says:

    This is all in the original trailers. There is no actual gameplay on this vid

  27. Troopah says:

    6:006:05 dropping frames in the trailer? Come on man.

  28. Italiaw96 says:

    Fallout is dead

  29. BIG DADDY CHOCO says:

    2:29 why are you shooting at the ground??

  30. GROM Nirvana says:

    Why are there Deathclaws? It’s not 2161…

  31. Марту Василев says:

    Sooooo that means no VATS ???

  32. Gary 1142 EMS says:

    Can i show middle finger? if not i am not gonna play it

  33. Goblinar says:


  34. R3tr0Sp4ce Gaming says:

    Reminds me of Far Cry games

  35. A Different Kind Of Vloger says:

    Imagine if Vera keys was the voice of the pa

  36. The Cabbage says:

    People are just going to be nuke'ing eachother in multiplayer, there will be nothing left aha

  37. flufflumper 9000 says:

    But is there v.a.t.s

  38. Robert Moore says:

    Yay another disappointment this year

  39. jack yarnton says:

    fetch quest?

  40. PoisonSapphire says:

    its gonna suck

  41. Evan Markum says:

    All this did was confirm my fear of sloths as valid

  42. William Stout says:

    as long as there's base nuking i'm not interested in playing fallout 76 at all

  43. Shaevlogz says:

    Fake mods I’ve found it.changes the autrum

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