50 Pulls For Alice!! – Featuring The Poker! Let The Weak Bleed Out – The Walking Dead RTS

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It’s been a while since I have done a big pull as slot machines are not that much fun BUT I am sitting on a decent amount of coins I obtained for no charge so time to spend them!

Will This 1% Wonderland Obtainable Survival Be Mine? Or Will I Be Laughed At By The Mad Hatter?


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12 Responses

  1. Que Werty says:

    Yeah after another scopely screw up cost me Solange in my alt region, I am in full Spending Strike mode. No matter how painful it is . Its funny how they have the power to roll back multiple accounts if the leveled up shield andrea, yet when they owe you, their hands are tied.

    well now my wallet is tied off like the gonads of a farm animal,

  2. Everything isnuanced says:

    First time watching one of your videos. The poker was oddly entertaining. I laughed my a** off lol. I feel your pain man. I have never pulled an ascendable 5* or a 6*.

  3. Peter Madaffari says:

    Feel your pain as well. Did a 10 pull and got a bunch of awesome four stars! Sigh…

  4. Eric Jackson says:

    Keep going!! U will get her on the next pull. 🙂

  5. RushProofTV says:


  6. Bun says:

    I feel your pain… or salt

  7. Mr. HaN-NaH 111 says:

    Sorry Trolly, I did a 10 pull got Dev, wrong alert. Love the poker!

  8. Keith Burgess says:

    I got lucky and pulled her on a 10 pull with the last couple level ups including today’s she is 90. I just need more gold mods. After last war rebuilding my attack teams it was a rough war.

  9. Rikka Chan669 says:

    I feel bad for you while in my region there is this huge money spender and like 😀 he has her

  10. jack james says:

    i just finished watching your alice review and hopped right onto this one only to see scopely at it's full scamming potential, i hope you have better luck with your next pull

  11. Bloodline2009 says:

    Damn buddy. This is exactly why I don't bother giving Scopely money. The odds are terrible. If you're in the godly promotion circle however, they might give you some better odds. Maybe. Seems legit. :/

  12. big kluk co natáčí videa says:

    Brutaaaaall 😀

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