5 Board Games To Start Your Collection

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Welcome to Dice Hard, the tabletop and board game review show.

In today’s video I take a look at a variety of games to help kick start your board game collection.

King of Tokyo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik3fG94WpgI

Lords of Vegas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaPTQb1YYX4&t=3s

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19 Responses

  1. Russ Law says:

    Excellent video. Found your channel recently and really enjoying your reviews. Did you review Mage Knight?

  2. Jonas Kölker says:

    "Please get shit faced responsibly" 😀 — new favorite oxymoron: responsible shitfacing.

  3. Carla Tate says:

    My recommendations to start your collection: Pandemic, Takenoko, Carcassonne, Castles of Burgundy, Twilight Struggle. Those are the first five games I bought and I now have loads! 😀 For me they were a great introduction to the hobby. But really, you should just do some looking around, watch some You Tubes, try out games owned by friends, and just buy whatever you want. As long as you get Pandemic. Everybody needs Pandemic!

  4. johnflea says:

    i would say
    dominion, carcassonne, catan, king of tokyo, lords of waterdeep

  5. TheHouseofPanda says:

    You've renewed my interest in checking out Lords of Vegas.

  6. SureMaybeOkay says:

    Twilight Imperium is also a good one

  7. Delta Knight Vlogs says:

    Funny enough, the X-Wing Miniatures game is on my "to buy" board game list on Amazon. Just adde Artic Scavengers to it too.

  8. zwara hellwig says:

    great video

  9. Flavio Sousa says:

    Hi everyone! I need extremely simple party games for large groups of students (18 players, ages 16 – 19). Taboo was a huge hit and Take it easy! seems interesting. Any other tips? Thanks in advance.

  10. Collection THX1138 says:

    good concise overview explanation of why X-wing is popular

  11. Rodrigo Santos says:

    My 5 games to start would be…

    Carcassonne – a must in any collection at this point XD
    Smallworld – simple, fun, zone controlling epicness
    Forbidden Desert – simlpe and thrilling coop game
    Sheriff of Nottingham – simple, fast and VERY fun party like game
    Smash Up a simple CCG feeling boardgame

  12. Stealth Docs says:

    Mate, you've given me so much material to consider upsetting my better half with! She hates clutter and the world of tabletop is a gold mine for having random stuff strewn across all available surfaces. Good video, sir.

  13. jsonaut says:

    Hey mate, great video, I'd love it if you would consider doing a similar video for board games suitable for kids, maybe 8-14. Cheers.

  14. Tim Chuma says:

    You need the buy links in the video description please. Maybe put them on your website with the Amazon affiliates thing.

  15. JimPlaysGames says:

    I am definitely too British to ask for help.

  16. L1 Metal Gaming says:

    "too British to ask for help" BWAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA

  17. Pigeater Pig says:

    Yeaah.. Boxes thick like car tire.. I remember when I collected warhammer and lotr figures hehe. Also I recommend Talisman for must have board game (I loved old edition but unfortunately it's hard to get it these days :()

  18. namcos says:

    I started with the classics:
    Board games:
    Carcassonne & Settlers of Catan
    Card Games:
    Chez Geek & Munchkin

    Other recommendations are the Cheapass games, like Kill Dr. Lucky, Save Dr Lucky and Lord of the Fries, Zombies!! and Hey, Where's My Fish?

  19. NstHarlequin says:

    Best part is when you sell your house to satisfy your board game addiction you can live in a fort made from the boxes!
    it's a win win! thanks for the awesome vid man 🙂

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