45,000 Rs Budget RGB Gaming PC Build 2018 !!

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Budget RGB Gaming PC Build India 2018 | Ryzen 5 2400G Unboxing and Review | Ryzen 5 2400G Gaming and Benchmarks | Best Budget Gaming PC Build under 50000Rs India | How to build a Budget Gaming PC 2018.

Links ~
Huge Mid Year Promotion Sale — https://goo.gl/gVciJj
Ryzen 5 2400G — https://goo.gl/9uygf8
Asus TUF X470 Mobo — https://goo.gl/iNzHax
G Skill Flare X RAM — https://goo.gl/ULAoJc
Cooler Master MB500 PC Case — https://goo.gl/Tuzz7B
Cooler Master 500W PSU — https://goo.gl/sLXotQ
Seagate 1TB HDD — https://goo.gl/ZJJ4p1

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42 Responses

  1. Mirju Pritam says:

    Bro what about video editing?

  2. prahar gaming says:

    bhai pubg khelo

  3. Mr K Dream works says:

    It's 4k video support?

  4. RUTVIK WALDE says:

    did you imported it from usa

  5. KARTHIK KG says:

    Any give away its my dream

  6. MaFiA'sAvIsO says:

    Where is the graphic card

  7. Prince Of All Saiyan says:

    Hi, guys I want to build a pc base on this spec but I notice there is no graphic card. I can include a graphic card with my budget as well but the thing is can I add it?

  8. althaf mk says:

    If i add decent gpu into this build is it increase the performance or not and is it i can play pubg with drcent fps?????

  9. DUDE TOXIC says:

    For 49 I got 1050 ti with Ryzen 5 you are crap

  10. Yes Man says:

    20000 ke ander ka best pc ?

  11. Siddhesh Shinde says:

    Monitor konsa he bhai

  12. SV Studio World says:

    Ryzen and Intel support same motherboard or different motherboard

  13. MD Alimul Islam says:

    Where is the GPU?

  14. RV GAMING says:

    Why don't you use a SSD for the secondary storage? :p

  15. Shubham Saxena Vision says:

    Hi Vimal bro, i have i3 4th generation pc, is it advisable to buy 1050ti ??

  16. Rimil Sinku says:

    O V E R C L O C K I T

  17. Prasadtechintelugu says:

    Bro I think u r the fan of asus

  18. Gourav Maheshwari says:

    You're suggesting 3-4K smps and another 3-4K cabinet and no dedicated gpu, for 45K build, and then call it gaming pc???

  19. Mr. Yuthoober says:

    Does PUBG run smoothly?

  20. raviteja photography says:

    How to update bios in amd ryzen 2nd gen mother bords. Plz uploaded a video in Telugu. Bro

  21. Thanseem Nk says:

    Bro if it is good for video editing or like that purpose?

  22. Dope Gaming says:

    Bro this AMD Ryzen 5 2400g is better for programming

  23. Sufiyan Chand says:

    Where is DVD DRIVE

  24. Sufiyan Chand says:

    DVD drive

  25. Spectre 673 says:

    Bro please answer this what if I use the Rog motherboard how will Pubg perform and what if I use a graphic card of Asus 1050ti will it work??? Please answer

  26. Dope Gaming says:

    Please make video on Best processor for programming Intel or AMD

  27. Dope Gaming says:

    Can we play pubg on it

  28. lokesh maudgal says:

    There is a lag on game just cause 8:36

  29. Mighty ! says:

    Can you Edit Videos smoothly on Adobe Premiere Pro ?? Pls recommend a gaming and a good video editing PC for 1080p videos .

  30. BASILIN JOE says:

    Where you buy all these stuffs from ?

  31. Ajith Kumar says:

    Whether this pc build is enough for working in after effects and premier pro which involves 3d modelling…..pls answer to this qs…

  32. SDC Studio says:

    Bro pls pls pls do a video for intel video editing pc

  33. K Ramu says:

    is there any space in the cpu cabinet for fixing the optical drive?

  34. Bharat Gautam says:

    bhai durability kitni he apu ryzen 5 ki …

  35. aniket gavali says:

    Give me details to buy this

  36. sadaab khn says:

    Can we use after effects in this

  37. Keith Dsouza says:

    Bro how does FIFA 19 work on it?

  38. Pragya Mani says:

    Is this good for premier pro and after effects? Both running together

  39. saurabh gosavi says:

    750 powersupply is good but it will nt even reqiure 550 watt since no gpu so the price can be reduced more

  40. tech of gaming says:

    What will you do by this sent me

  41. Владимир says:

    U should use two rams

  42. eswar pujari says:

    Where graphic card?

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