3D Printing an Xbox One Steering Wheel | 3D Printed Rack and Pinion Steering Mini Wheel

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Lets 3D Print a Steering Wheel for an Xbox One Controller!

Download the Xbox controller mini wheel for yourself
created by pixel2 ➜

Printed with Zyltech PLA use ➜
15% Discount with code: UNCLEJESSY!

Interested in getting a 3D Printer? Here are some that I use ➜

CR-10 Mini $320

CR-10 $339.99 w/code 11CR10US

CR-10 S4 – $519.99 w/code BlackFriday3D16



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19 Responses

  1. Uncle Jessy says:

    I just wanted to say thanks everyone for checking out this video. Blown away at how much this video has blown up! Serious motivation boost!

  2. Ryan’s Seriousness says:

    950 dislikes from salty playstation fans

  3. J o h n y 5 p l a y s says:

    This costs more than an actual steering wheel.
    Including: 3d printer and Xbox controller.
    Tell me if there is more

  4. popticparticlez says:

    No, looks like a slightly delayed reaction, not good

  5. Alexandre Cavalcante says:


  6. viewer check says:

    Как меня сюда занесло?!

  7. Íñigo says:

    Does it have force feedback?

  8. Kubus Kkk says:

    Ale nuda wole oglądać mincerofta

  9. zacky dude says:

    "That's fit very nicely"

  10. Alex Perez says:

    3D printer not included

  11. Doctor 11u says:

    Try smaller gear teeth

  12. Doctor 11u says:

    Get a patient and start selling it. If buy one

  13. gangas19g says:

    Creo q la verdad no vale la pena no funciona muy bien, constantemente se le iba a la derecha

  14. John Spires says:

    I want one now.

  15. Richard Dotson says:

    How much would you charge to build another one of those and send them off?

  16. Caffina says:

    "charging port" lol

  17. Chris Hamilton says:

    Hmm cool idea

  18. David Deutsch says:

    should've stayed quiet & marketed it lol

  19. peter nuon says:

    “This is pretty smooth to be honest “ as he steers into the grasslands

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