$300 dollar gaming pc starts with 25 dollar cougar pc case

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Im always trying to make things cooler than they where intended because I enjoy it. Most things I create I try to sell so someone else can enjoy and I can make another video. so this time im upgrading my work pc to a gaming work pc. I finally found a use for my old raspberry pi 3 lol if you like this video please share it and subscribe.
btw the specs are gigabyte f2a668hm-h I paid 25bucks for 16gb ram, 64gb ssd, 3tb storage, amd Athlon x4 860k, msi gtx 960 4gb

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22 Responses

  1. YeeTy_BoYe says:

    Boi ur like a typical old man with his jalopy, CHROOOME. CHROME EVERYWHERE. LIGHTS .CHROME.

  2. deeg4n says:

    @4:05 when you realize you put the zip tie on backwards. i hate that.

  3. Jack Lam says:


  4. Afterburner says:

    Loved that Raspberry PI display setup…

  5. Ali ÈL Housseini says:

    Nice job but the cables too messy

  6. Philip Doyle says:

    Man you never fail to impress with these awesome builds! Keep up the awesome modding!

  7. Sameer Rishi says:


  8. Sameer Rishi says:

    Nice build

  9. John Michalek says:

    Love the idea of the Raspberry pi! Is it the pi3 or the Zero?

  10. Tagell : says:

    Athlon? I cri when you could of used a Pentium or a server grade intel

  11. Dan Penner says:

    Cool ideas. You should step up your cable management though.

  12. EggChen6DemonBag says:

    I would love to do modding of my own, but i suck when it comes to understanding wiring. Like knowing what to splice and what to connect to do what i want it to do. I have ideas but have no idea how to wire it all up without blowing stuff up.

  13. Michael Foster says:

    Your one of the best channels on YouTube

  14. Sibbe says:

    love the vids man! keep it up! maybe sometimes change the music a lil more haha

  15. Sam Harney says:

    Is the RaspberryPi supplying actual information from the computer, or is it just playing a slideshow of preloaded images on that USB stick?

  16. Verritoss says:


  17. Rafael Mejia says:

    I like your channel reminds me alot of Tech city Yes he also works on older systems and resells them.

  18. Adrian LaRosa says:

    Not a bad video, dude.I think having shadow play here would have been great, though, because then you could have done all you wanted with video recording and it look even better!

    If you haven't considered it already, just because it's brand new, the pentium G4560 is such a big upgrade in per core performance that it's a shocker. It's like 65 bucks and pairs beautifully when any 10 series card. I priced out that and some components and got a really good price point for the performance!

  19. H1 BLAZE1 says:

    this is one of the most original pc channels on youtube! thanks again brother keep up the good work !

  20. Daevster 666 says:

    The audio quality sounds like your speaking into a Styrofoam cup.

  21. Nootis says:

    So where did you hook up the backup monitor to?

  22. Badar Ninja says:

    thats a nice build

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