3 Inches of Blood – Key to Oblivion

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Bonus track off “Fire Up The Blades”, the band’s best album in my opinion.

i do not own this song, nor did i make it. all credit goes to 3 Inches of Blood

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35 Responses

  1. Jet Smith says:

    screamo singer needs to be canned. metal singer kicks ass!

  2. Shameless Savage Sinner says:

    It's so good

  3. Shameless Savage Sinner says:

    Final concert nov 7 and 8 2015 in Vancouver Canada then they break the band up forever

  4. MultiRaven95 says:

    Fire up the Blades is by far my favorite 3 Inches of Blood album. Too bad they lost Jamie Hooper afterwards.

  5. Sephiroith says:

    yes you said it

  6. Hyenatempest says:

    Too bad you don't know when a comment is a joke though…

  7. shade8608 says:

    dude you suck…and you're gay. this music is pretty damn good. and i haven't heard anything good for a while now. i may only be 19, but even i know when a song sucks, and when a song is good. and this is song isn't just good. it's fuckin awesome.

  8. *Name pending* says:

    Oblivion + 3 inches of blood = WIN!!!!

  9. Anton Sander says:

    Ending really shreds! m/

  10. Sc0rpioX666 says:


  11. rob066101 says:

    I hit the thumbs up. This is great

  12. joao quintas says:

    just turn on the gay filter in redtube…

  13. Frostlappen says:

    :O this is a joke?

  14. Arrout says:

    Joking,i know you weren't talking about those like me…

  15. Arrout says:

    Don't screw up with 8 year old boys
    I started to listen and like metal with 8 years…

  16. op40fan247 says:

    if i could like this again i would,again and again and again,,,

  17. tacogecko333 says:

    woah calm down bro, i mean, i love this too, but people have a right to what they do and dont like, if they dont like it, then it's their loss. not ragin at ya bro, just keep it cool my friend.

  18. natemcburger says:

    hell yea this heavy metal band kicks ass

  19. JordanMeAwesome says:

    i think of every rpg i have ever played all at the same time when i hear this, in all of them they are fighting epic battles

  20. bloodandroll says:

    best band from canada!

  21. TheRubynator says:

    its a disapointment that this is not in the album i bought in my country 🙁 i love the song!

  22. Raifsevrence says:

    @DeathMetalForLife666 Meh, Cam is better. Not that there is anything wrong with the great artists you listed though. They are just that, great. The thing about Cam is that in this day and age he stands alone. There is really nobody out there doing this kind of metal with vocals like his.

  23. Raifsevrence says:

    @ccraven95 No, no they're not hahahaha m/ (^o^) m/

  24. Robbie Weilding says:

    @Cantido I just modded mine so that it is ;D

  25. TheNorriez says:

    WE NEED A KEY TO SKYRIM!!!!!!!!!

  26. Christopher Sloggett says:

    Wtf, ventriloquest dummy suggestion????

  27. Christopher Sloggett says:

    What the fuck kind of person would dislike this benvolent form of instrumental/vocal art!?!?! This is some of the best stuff you can come across and some 8 year old faggot presses the dislike button! Fuck! It just makes me sad to see that people don't like 3IoB.

  28. Rog Fra says:

    Fuck! Cam Pipes is the GREATEST vocalist in ALL of Metal, I don't give a FUCK what anyone says! m/

  29. ornlo says:

    Finally metal you can listen to…..the rest are like porridge

  30. Colten Ostopchuk says:

    never new there were bonus songs on this album .. fuckin great though ! too bad they're not big on music videos ..

  31. Christian T says:


  32. A Olson says:

    Best chorus ever!

  33. Hellion117 says:

    These song is so fucking badass. Listen to Wizard's Island also. Special track from the deluxe verison of Here Waits Thy Doom.

  34. Skullbumble says:

    So good!!

  35. Raifsevrence says:

    This is one of my absolute favorite 3ioB songs.

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