23 New Platforming Games Coming To The Nintendo Switch

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23 New Platforming Games Coming To The Nintendo Switch

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22 Responses

  1. Prince Echo says:

    Almost every single one of these games are side scrollers. I am starting to regret that I purchased a Nintendo switch

  2. Haywood Jablomy says:

    Title shouldve read “a bunch of meh ass games”

  3. Filipino Ranger says:

    Blasphemous on Switch?! Yesssssss!!!!

  4. Will Will says:

    over 80% first company games…..

  5. Lazym00se says:

    Yoshi gives little big planet vibes, blasphemous looks interesting and Trine is no longer a platformer?

  6. Fox Mulder says:

    The only good game is probably just Yoshi?

  7. オネガイシマス海賊団が好きすぎて一日中視聴して笑って腹筋痛いマン says:


  8. Eze Vizzer says:

    What game is the main picture taken from?

  9. Justin Hazlett says:

    Very good games, believe it or not, and half of these games I've never heard of. Thanks.

  10. Robert Siegfried says:

    From this list I am looking forward to Blasphemous most.

  11. Robert Siegfried says:

    Wait, is that just a late release of Bubsy or is that ANOTHER new Bubsy game?

  12. Cynda Quil says:

    Lol are there any AAAs coming to nintendo besides pokemon and possibly metroid prime?

  13. seantendo001 says:

    which game is the thumbnail?

  14. MrGuitarJaMx says:

    More indie games lol, no one play those anyway why do they stilll produce that ?

  15. Curt S says:

    Yoshi, coming out this year? Don’t lie to me.

  16. Bernie Gasper says:

    Half of the games looks so terrible.. I really hate 2d looking games… Rubbish

  17. Alim Koutm says:

    What’s the game on the thumbnail ?

  18. Jeffrey Jose says:

    my friend Pedro is Awesome game that I saw today!

  19. Reagan Dow says:

    Blasphemous is a game I’ve been waiting for since I first saw a preview a while back….can’t wait for it much longer!!

  20. Pray For The World says:

    Yoshi looks so promissing

  21. Ronaldo 9inter says:

    Trine looks promising, Yoshi for me

  22. VikingPlay S says:

    Cheguei, primeiro Brasileiro

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