20 Out of Bounds Mysteries in Fallout 3 Answered | Boundary Break

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Lets take the camera absolutely anywhere we want to learn more about the third Fallout game!

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34 Responses

  1. RustyLasagna says:

    I love that you used TimeSplitters 2 music for the Mothership Zeta zoom out!

  2. Crimson Inc. says:

    named my guy niggaopolis. Currently hyped now that i know my boi half black

  3. The Mighty Spoon says:

    DO RED DEAD Redemption 1 bro!!!

  4. János Dávid Réti says:

    Shesez do you love me I tell her only partly I only love my bed and my momma im sorry.

  5. Joe Mama says:

    What !?! I'm half black??

  6. Luis Steven Agudelo Rojas says:

    Do world of warcraft, plz

  7. Jaeden man89 says:

    Please do Bendy and the ink machine

  8. franzik necro says:

    Loved the sh2 reference

  9. Xaos Bob says:

    Green screen for Christmas? Somebody must love you! 😉 I like how you use it, allowing yourself face time while still showing stuff in the background–that's a really good, engaging choice.

  10. Jon W says:

    Can you please do a Boundary Break on Final Fantasy X? I'd really love to see that. Thanks!

  11. Idiotic Tirades says:

    Please do The Simpsons Hit and Run

  12. Matthew Comeau says:

    Love your channel!

  13. Out of Bounds Secrets says:

    Have you been asked for any vr out of bounds views?

  14. GoofyTHPS says:

    Hi, you should try Bioshock Burial at the Sea!!
    I saw your video about bioshock 1, most of the sea world were 2d textures, but in the Burial at the Sea they actually made 3d models, so it could be more interesting to see

  15. mikezbr says:

    just think, that's the same engine they'll use for ES6!!!

  16. Intimus Semper says:

    Please god just please do the Witcher 3, we would really appreciate it

  17. Alexander R says:

    I think Beyond Good and Evil is a perfect choice for your next project, especially with the new one on the horizon

  18. Blake Schroko says:

    Do resident evil 6

  19. abelninans says:

    Fallout New Vegas please! If you do I will give you my first born child.

  20. abelninans says:

    Fallout New Vegas please! If you do I will give you my first born child.

  21. Tyler Jones says:

    Could you do farcry5

  22. digitaleventhorizons says:

    Is that TF2 MVM music?

  23. BLU BLU says:

    wow the mystery mother looks like my cousin lmfaooo

  24. Luke Deardoff says:

    What about Uncharted 4?? We've been waiting!!

  25. Jeikobou696 says:

    do a boundary break for Dishonored 2

  26. Verne105 says:

    You should do one for Hard Reset Redux

  27. GlintTheStrong says:

    @10:30 Yeah, that is due to the LOD models. Those low poly models also comprise the distand land so that you have something to look at, otherwise the game only loads what is immediately around the player, and at that point you are showing, you have gone past where there is generated LOD for the game world.

    Probably already know this by now, but meh.

  28. PAIN says:

    I never got around to seeing all the 200 endings.

  29. Axy Gaming says:

    Father had the jungle fever. (I usually play-through as an Asian character), though I wonder if her race changes after you change your race and the African-American model is just a place holder

  30. Beautiful Duwang says:

    "I dont know why they kept your mother's face a mystery to you" hmmm.. White father, black mother, asian kid.

    seems legit

  31. Brenda Mizelle says:

    Do dead island. 2019

  32. Pusfilth says:

    The mother is black!!!!?????

  33. Ethan Watson says:

    You can find a photo of your dad and mum in fallout 3

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