1v4 IN FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE! *by accident*

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I wasn’t expecting to end up playing solo squads in Fortnite, but when the duty is placed on you it is important that you step up to the plate.

This game of Fortnite Battle Royale is full of crushed hopes and dreams.

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22 Responses

  1. Joe Sontag says:

    I’ve been here sense the crafting dead with sky does Minecraft

  2. ابو مريح says:

    Where is he from

  3. JACOB HUNT says:

    Barney I've been watching you for almost 4 years now and I just wanted you to know that I love you and your videos. And sky or Adam whatever you want to call him he is back and trying to get back to gaming and youtube. I think that you both should do another video together. That would make me so happy. And I've also been watching adam for almost 4 years now too. Thank you for everything that you do you are awesome. And you always make me laugh and you make my day better.

  4. Jc_Playz_Gamez says:

    Hey barney, did you heard the news, Your friend sky i sback. I wanna bring back the team barney, play with sky. I wanna see you guys again

  5. Juan Suarez says:

    You would win them any day

  6. Mcree Weyes says:

    Omg his accent is back ma dudes

  7. PoltergeistGaming says:

    Damn just realized how hard you channel dropped bro OOF

  8. Sam 23 says:


  9. Syahrul Ihsan says:

    You always get Victory Royale hmm ùwú

  10. Failure City says:

    I luv chu barney

  11. Netro Blast says:

    I always watch your gameplay before I start playing fortnite so I got an excellent game.Thank You Barney for not giving up on your subs!!!

  12. SeptiSylo Len says:

    Oh wow I can actually see the change in quality (because of the new computer)! Great job my friend.

  13. Jazzy Taco says:

    Awsome job! I cant even get a Royale so this video is training

  14. Wub Zero says:

    Do vids with ross

  15. Jeffrey Preuss says:


  16. Jeffrey Preuss says:


  17. monkeygamer says:

    Awesome video great job

  18. douglas mena says:

    Early squad LOL

  19. Pokoru says:

    Your accent is back

  20. Divison Bush says:


  21. Divison Bush says:

    1 st

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