15 Minutes of Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay on Xbox One X – Gamescom 2018

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Comboing our way through the Gamescom 2018 demo of Devil May Cry 5 on Xbox One X.

Devil May Cry 5 E3 2018 Trailer Breakdown – Rewind Theater:

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43 Responses

  1. Alisson Oliver says:

    Alguém BR ?

  2. puffkin Elia says:

    I swear you could show a soccer game nowdays and ppl will compare the gameplay to Dark souls lol

  3. Reime says:

    oh dante

  4. yellow rat says:

    1:47 Never celebrate too early lol

  5. This_is_ellis says:

    Are we going to play as dante in this game?

  6. wilcoxway says:

    Hmm. An ammunition system in a Devil May Cry game instead of combo based charge meters? I hope such a limitation doesn't become a nuisance. Hoarder types (like myself), will probably almost never get to use the new Devil Breaker mechanic due to its limited resources. I'm hoping the finished game won't have such a tight combat restriction.

  7. T D-H says:

    Wasn't the Devil Bringer his left arm, not his right?

  8. Malcom Mind says:

    9:07 wonder what he says if you don't have one when you walk there

  9. Nina Ramos says:

    I'm already loving this game. I want it!!!

  10. Madeus Gerstenlauer says:

    So pumped for this game

  11. _ ronin says:

    Finally i can kill demons as Ninja now

  12. Ljacfl says:

    Red orb says it can be used for new weapons and skills 1: proud souls aren’t in this game
    2: weapons are in the shop now?

  13. SeboTrzyDe3D says:

    The moment they started combat i already knew they are playing on Automatic.

  14. Crimson _Elite says:

    I'd be VERY happy and satisfied if they made a crossover for Bayonetta.

  15. James says:

    nero's been hanging around dante too much, dantes rubbing off on him with his smart arse antics, but i like it. seems dope af, im not keen on his lady friends accent i can see it getting annoying to me atleast

  16. CreepyTV Alex says:

    I love the og nero hand from DMC4 more

  17. Maple Duck says:

    IGN, you need new people playing the games for you :/

  18. Luis Aud says:

    Me pareció haber visto un lindo gatito (Jefe) ( 7:05)

  19. Yoshiro Nokubono says:

    I like how they added DmC's slow mo kill

  20. LOLLZmface says:

    Should I get this, or just wait until the inevitable special edition?

  21. nrml -_- says:

    15:33 min Nero
    but we need dante

  22. End 2723 says:

    eljuego en si, esta exelente pero eres muy malo jugandolo

  23. JohnSmith FakeName says:

    I am upset that Nero lost his devil arm, sure it was all demonic but it looked cool.

  24. Blackened Angel says:

    The Game… Is Mine…
    I Will Play This… Like Real DMC FAN!
    Many Thinks So 😀

  25. Venz Villar says:

    What happen to kyrie anyway??

  26. Vintik Shpuntik says:

    эх сделали бы игру в глайной роли с Алукардом

  27. Anderson Bf says:

    Gostei Mt, Ficou Bem Parecido Cm O DMC 3 Do Ps2, Q Conserteza Foi o Mlr DMC Até Agora ❤️

  28. Cyndi Skon says:

    Alexander Maximus Skon age 16 , 8134155815

  29. Panji Prasetyo says:

    is that Nero? what happens to your hair?

  30. Hamad Alrowaie says:

    Only on xbox one x ? What about the normal one ?

  31. Cristykal Hits says:

    Yo that's Ichigo's voice

  32. Дмитрий Князев says:

    Посмотрел первые 5 минут потом 10 и дальше я все чаще и чаще вспоминал и проводил параллели между этой игрой и DmC от Ninja Theory. Capcom вам вопрос,почему же вы не дали продолжить очень классную DmC,а по сути взяли все от игры вышеупомянутых разработчиков и продолжили свою классику? Где вообще смысл всего что происходило с игрой? Лично я если бы не знал кто делал игру решил бы что эту сделали Ninja Theory. Молодцы они все таки научили.

  33. Павел Баженов says:

    Не впечатляет вообще. 4я часть с допиленным графоном перезапуска. Враги вообще заскриптованы, чисто поворачиваются в сторону героя и двигаются по сценарию хп. Вы что, капком? Блудборн уже давно вышла, возьмите за образец и допилите на свой лад в стиле ДМК!!!

  34. SuperBurr says:


  35. nih sa says:

    Finally! Take notes Ninja theory

  36. Đức Nam Nguyễn says:

    To be honest, this Goliat worse than the Beowulf in DMC 3, Hope they made the monster more aggressive , more action than this video , DMC 3, DMC 4 just fine. ( sorry for my bad english :') ).

  37. keero kamiya says:

    Okay but quality checks people 5:33 AN user friendly is just sloppy English

  38. keero kamiya says:

    Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyep I want it !

  39. melitone andres Metal K says:

    Gameplay is Awesome

  40. sr kong says:

    si lo pongo en pantalla completa y lo pongo en calida hd pareciera que lo estoy jugando :v

  41. Carlos Santtana says:

    DMC should be made an open world (sort of like FF15) where u get to receive devil hunt request (demons that keep showing up in the real world) till you end up going to hell to eliminate the source of all demons… this liniar gameplay is killing me… and, please stop introducing new characters with a similar attitude/personality of Dante. THERE IS ONLY ONE DANTE.

  42. Raka Burhan says:

    Where Dante!!!???

  43. darkmanx _429 says:

    DMC is BACK.

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