13 New Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2017/2018 (PS4 XBOX ONE PC)

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Top 13 Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2017 and Beyond – NEW Survival Games for PS4 Xbox One PC

In this video, we take a look at the Top 13 Upcoming Survival Games 2017 & 2018. Will you be picking any of these games up? Do you have any interest in these games? Comment your thoughts on the 17 NEW Upcoming Survival Games in 2017 and Beyond! Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order.

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Games in this countdown-


Prey for the Gods


Rise of the King

Stalker Noises of the Zone

State of Decay 2

Escape from Tarkov

Project Wight

Dark and Light


Lost Region

Die Young

Claw Hunter

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29 Responses

  1. Emerick Bondy says:

    Far cry primal is by far the best survival game out there and it’s not even on this

  2. Prototype 50 says:

    Project wight ❤

  3. Dermeister009 says:

    When looking at claw hunter the only thing I can think of is " why the fuck do these dumb games carry all the weapon on the back? How do you carry a spear on ones back? it's a wooden shaft. AND HE DOSENT HAVE A SHIRT ON!.. these days computer tech has progressed enough to where they should be able to put realistic sword scabbards on the hip and so forth. any how it's just weird.

  4. Joseph Boone says:

    Is prey for the gods a pc or ps4 consol game

  5. Joél Läuchli says:

    Where's the Thumbnail from?

  6. Aussie Boy says:

    is that the video intro or the actual video game ??…,

  7. Steven Walsh says:

    Really like the look of rise of the king and prey for the gods

  8. pototovodka says:

    show what the games will release on when you show the title

  9. Schmutz Lord says:

    can you make a video on upcoming/2018 mmo survival ? singleplayer games are shit, if they are not equal to witcher3.

  10. Azrael King says:

    Wild looks like an acid trip

  11. Milad Mehrabi says:

    except for a game or two, all others were hasty and insultingly poor for today's gaming standards.

  12. AgentWolf 2159 says:

    I came for the thumbnail

  13. Arben Misini says:

    SCUM!!! <3

  14. Thelionfan11 says:

    None of then i liked

  15. Cry The Panda says:

    People never understand the difference between Xbox one and PS4, Xbox is made for people who play fast first person shooters, or even old games. PlayStation is mostly open world, futuristic, survival stuff. I know I own an Xbox, but ps4 is soooo much better.

  16. R3hub3 says:

    Project Wight <- What password a installation?:D

  17. St George says:

    Wild = far cry primal meets clash of clans

  18. boltspeedman35 says:

    im looking at every thumbnail trying to find anything on the witcher 4

  19. Fail Orso says:


  20. Jennysbrood says:

    Scum looks quite interesting.

  21. Bchu says:

    Is it a shit station exclusive???

  22. Bchu says:

    Is prey for the gods out???

  23. Tom Roose says:

    Make timestamps in the description for the diffirent games, would make this video 10/10

  24. sokol 1220 says:

    Wait a minute where is game desolate. thats survival g horror game

  25. Warrior Kat says:

    Claw hunters raptors make me cringe

  26. David Boson says:

    In advertising this is Called a HOOK!

  27. LazySloth123 says:

    Prey for the gods gives me horizon zero dawn vibes

  28. Aberash Benoit says:

    What wallpaper is that big bear thumbnail I need that wallpaper

  29. JonDeBerg says:

    Some of these games are nothing but mental masturbation… Between "strong woman" leads (that's an outright joke); to the "It's not just about gun skill. We all know, to be good with a gun, you have to have intelligence, eye coordination, good hearing, strength in the arms, and not just the arms, but the wrists, fingers, shoulders, upper quadrant of the latissimus dorsi, the sphincter; gooch… Yep, we have configured the game play to include EVERY variant! So you must equally distribute a certain set amount of XP points amongst all those areas in order to figure out what kind of badass you want to be!!! Hell, son… and that's just if you want to shoot a particular kind of rifle! Don't forget the other 7,644 types of guns, 8,679 types of knives; oh yeah, and don't forget ALL the different muscles and intelligence it takes to be able to walk, run, crawl, jog, sprint, climb, jump, hang, duck, breath, shit, fart, eat, sleep, wake up…"           Fucking outrageous.

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