13 Crime Riddles And Short Logic Puzzles To Wake Up Your Brain

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Wake up your brain with a mix of crime riddles and short logic puzzles! These mysterious crime puzzles will blow your mind immediately! Try to concentrate while solving these tricky brain games cause discipline helps deal with tasks faster. Use all your brain power and logic to crack these riddles, and you will come up with the right answers very fast!

00:14 – A mysterious case of suicide that isn’t so simple as it can seem at first glance. Only an experienced detective with a cold logical mind can figure out what’s wrong with this case, so concentrate and watch carefully!
01:23 – Do you believe your logical thinking skills are high enough? Let’s check it right now! Here is a woman claiming she has been punched and robbed. But she’s been arrested for false claim. Can you tell me what’s wrong with her story? This short riddle will boost your logic and make you rack your brain really hard!
02:25 – A puzzle to test your logic and improve your IQ level. You just have to find the one item that doesn’t fit here. If you can cope with all these tasks, you brain is young and flexible and does just well!
03:52 – This is Episode 3 of Detective Rid series you were looking forward to! This is an even more difficult crime riddle you will have to solve together with famous Detective Rid. Are you smart enough to be his assistant?
07:10 – A short logic riddle that will trick the brains of the most experienced solvers! It’s hard to believe, but kids can crack this one in just a few seconds while adults rack their brains hard and can’t figure it out. A hint: look closely and analyze even the smallest details!
08:29 – A cool logic riddle that will test your intelligence and boost your critical thinking. Let’s see if you can find the right answer before you run out of time!
10:05 – A fun but difficult riddle that will boost your logic and increase your brain power! You will have to strain your eyes and check all the stories if you want to crack this case. Have you already found the answer?
11:08 – This logic riddle is so simple that people always overthink it when the solution is obvious. Remember that being a genius means seeing the simplest solution among all possible ones. Can you find it?
12:08 – A picture riddle on crime that will trick your mind and improve your IQ level. Watch the video carefully and collect the evidence to identify the killer. This is a tricky one that is not so easy to crack, so if you can do it, you’re a genius indeed!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which puzzle game was the hardest for you to solve!

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35 Responses

  1. mhong1981 says:

    Women in left and the guy in left bc
    Is she s hair have a thing idk
    And he s shoes have …….
    The kids…

  2. Shailesh Mhadeshwar says:


  3. Shailesh Mhadeshwar says:


  4. Shailesh Mhadeshwar says:


  5. Shailesh Mhadeshwar says:


  6. Inderjeet Singh says:

    a man heat women on the head from behind and women's wash hand

  7. Inderjeet Singh says:

    he hiding in hands

  8. Inderjeet Singh says:

    gun or nife

  9. Dana Catterton says:


  10. Dana Catterton says:


  11. B r o k e n says:

    L o L

  12. Joey Wong says:

    Why did the hitman run away when he saw the mayor's funeral?

  13. Kristbjörg Dóa Haraldsdóttir says:

    The baby

  14. Skylar Hunter says:

    For the last riddle the boy had bloody hands

  15. The Kid says:

    The one in the bathroom riddle, she a woman so she went in the woman's bathroom. But it said a man hit her. So a man was in the woman's bathroom

  16. Anoop Thapliyal says:

    Lotus do not grow in water it grows in mud

  17. Adriana Devorss says:

    I though purple was out because red is a dark pink and orange is a light red

  18. Adriana Devorss says:

    Pink is a color of a rainbow when you look at a rainbow you can see it

  19. Sreya R Nair says:

    Uh..I'm rly confused with da last 1….I think the lady's da killer

  20. Maria Andreah Carla L Diapolet says:

    12:09,the baby boy is the killer.The boy was playing with his toys and maybe he also played the gun and accidentally shoot it.His hands has a blood and the wall has a blood too and the man killed by the gun and not by the chopticks or whatever its called.Its my opinion only and hope its correct.

  21. Olivier Chicheportiche says:

    It was the baby cause they were finger prints on the wall and it was too small for anybody else

  22. Uba Chinwendu Jessica says:

    Leg should be the answer because it's not part of sense organs

  23. sonam verma says:

    real killer is the baby

  24. Devin Gheen says:

    2.15 how bout there was no meiire beside her

  25. bryan bonao says:

    It's the left guy

  26. zack the diamond th urtle says:

    Evrone is the killer

  27. The life of Arianna says:

    I going crazy (2:22) I thought cause she was in the BATHROOM(Women’s)She was hiding her purse

  28. ylime emily says:

    but the mom has blood on her hair clip the baby has paint on his hands and the dad has blood on his shoes and the girl has red hair.

  29. Xavier Green says:

    On 12:18 I say its the man on left, he is not suprised and his hands may be hiding a weapon

  30. ItzUrGurlJaz/ItzJustJaz says:

    It could be been the mom and dad working to together to kill him

  31. Wolfalamew says:

    2:52 tortoises can only live on land.. you are thinking of turtles.

  32. DashDot 123 says:

    Actually I think it was done by the entire family

  33. Kimberly Mitzel says:


  34. Randomize RM says:

    The little kids there are blood handprints on the wall and he has blood all over his hands

  35. Can we get 5000 subs With no vids says:

    No one was the murder 12:09 it was all jam the kid put it all on the dad and put blood on the wall btw there’s no stab marks and if it was the man he would have more blood on his shoe it looks sprinkled and also the dad wasn’t dead he look more sick then dead

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