12 More Enjoyably Dumb Things Gamers Do We Can’t Explain

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We, as gamers do some some weird stuff. From throwing ourselves off the highest point of a map to checking to see if we can swim, half the time we don’t even know why we do it.

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40 Responses

  1. MingTuck Chung says:

    In short, it's called playing. But some of the new games just want you to follow instructions.

  2. RoD H says:

    Hit an NPC or a non agressive powerful enemy.

  3. John Doe says:

    Wow. The first list ever on YouTube where I did literally everything from that list. I still even can say in which games I tried out all these things.

  4. KomatiPoort says:

    Anyone know what the outro music is?

  5. warhammernerd52 says:

    Seeing if there's a flatulence button

  6. Gunman610 says:

    "Going the opposite direction of where you're told"

    Extra Credits actually talked about this phenomenon in their video about The Hero's Journey. Specifically, they talk about "Refusal of the Call" in regards to the game Journey. Check it out, it's really interesting.

  7. Robin Dude says:

    I resonated so hard with that last one that I started cackling wildly

  8. Minecraft Profit. Julian5567 says:

    Betraying allied npcs. Or just letting them die

  9. Ken Wehrheim says:

    What a delightful mix of things no one does and things everyone does that absolutely have a very simple explanation.

  10. Damien Paxton says:

    What song do you use for your opening logo?

  11. Aria1573 says:

    I freaking lost 2 hours of Megadimension Neptunia: V-II because I forgot to save after I completed the Zero Dimension Nepspunker. It sucked…

  12. Bryan Crawford says:

    That's s nice little tune at the end of the video

  13. tyler williams says:

    I'll tell you what game series made me a cautious saver, the first couple Resident Evil games.
    When I first got my PSOne around 98, I had Resident Evil Directors Cut, Metal Gear Solid, and no memory card!
    The no saving with the Resident Evil games is pretty self explanatory, but Metal Gear kicked me in the nuts more than once without a memory card.
    First was not surviving Revolver Ocelot's torture only to be sent to the beginning of the game.
    Second was not knowing to keep the system ON when switching to Disc Two!
    Those were hard learned mistakes my friends.

  14. TheBlues32 says:

    Wow…I have done so few of these. Definitely tried to drive properly in GTA…only to find that I'm the only one doing so. I swear, the game got so confused by the idea of the player not driving like a maniac.

  15. Dan says:

    I had the forgetting to save with Pokemon lets go about 3 times

  16. qdllc says:

    Spinning makes sense to some extent. I don't do it, but if I notice frame lag when turning, I know to not turn too fast or I'll get motion sickness from doing it too much.

    Taking the path less traveled first is important since some games have one-way points where you can't go back and explore later…missing key assets or Easter eggs.

  17. Quanah Daniels says:

    I was guilty of the mountain thing in RDR2 (I do a lot of hunting so I go to the trapper near Annesberg). Then I discovered that doing the boring way of following the road makes it a lot faster….I've lost 9 horses, 7 of them to random cliffs.

  18. Daniel Mostert says:

    Mountain climbing is fun.

  19. theholyhermit says:

    I've never done #12, nor have I ever heard of anyone doing so. The rest of the list, spot on.

  20. VoorheesTV says:

    You forgot a few.
    1 – Blowing everything up.
    2 – Bullet Art
    3 – Perverting
    4 – Trying to open doors/go through windows that aren't designed to be functional.

  21. Kane Harrison says:

    When I still played skyrim I could never find the walking path around or up the mountain so I had to climb it

  22. Dusk Spawn says:

    i spin my camera in fps games to test the controller sensitivity

  23. Paradox says:

    I'm guilty of just about all of these. Especially when I first start a game, I like to test my boundaries. See what I can and can't do. How high a ledge can I jump from without dying? Can I do any damage to this enemy that's 20 levels higher than me? Is fire dangerous? Is mountain climbing possible? Can I kill this chicken? Will I get into any kind of trouble if I kill it? What about children? Can they be attacked? Killed? Sacrificed? (Literally the first thing I tried when I learned I could sacrifice people in Fable 2…)

  24. Mental Popcorn says:

    Dark souls : treasure below

  25. dafdev says:

    Well at least I'm not alone then

  26. Nickjb89 says:

    You BASTARDS really made me chuckle!

  27. Dark Karma says:


  28. swamdono says:

    Double jumping everywhere, even when the distance is short enough for one jump.
    In open world games, exploring the small surrounding islands for secret stuff.

  29. Verandal says:

    Great first video! I have done nearly everyone of these!! Lol

  30. Sarcastic slob says:

    10 min ride around the mountain……
    40 min jumping around to get up the mountain becuse its the shortest way..

  31. johnnyexitwound says:

    You just explained every one of these behaviors. Great video… misleading title

  32. Izzy Jaded says:

    Dumb list

  33. Priyansh shah says:

    Never followed the road did it once then gave up lol

  34. DontDripAndDrive says:

    "Oh look, something that should obviously hurt or kill me….. I wonder if it'll hurt or kill me?" -Pretty much every gamer.

  35. OrcDragon65 says:

    I can't believe I'm listening to this list, while playing the Original Mass Effect; While organizing my inventory and griping about it to myself. . .

  36. Amanda Jones says:

    I would try climb over a mountain but give up if I see that my character having trouble climbing.

  37. Tim Hopkins says:

    Yup. Dead Rising 2 was the last one that got me. Didn’t save and lost like 3 hours worth of play. Haven’t play that game since

  38. Bradley Willette says:

    I always turn autosave off and do it myself just bc of said reasons lol. Us oldish gamers how odd we are.

  39. setzertrancer says:

    When I was a kid, I'd rent out Final Fantasy 7. But no memory card. So I was essentially playing a hardcore version of the game where game over was permanent. Never made it out of midgard until I replayed it as a teenager.

  40. Acciprovus says:

    If I could make a living on sorting video game inventories I would.

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