10 Things You NEVER Noticed in Fortnite: Battle Royale

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45 Responses

  1. Exility says:

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  2. Dan Benelisha says:

    The gnomes are like white Christmas in Seattle lol

  3. Samar Rathore says:

    I think Fortnite s gonna get a little bit crazy

  4. Landon Moore says:

    I've got a garden nome in my brick wall

  5. XTREME LIST says:

    The easter egg is for season 8 because there bringing dinosaurs in

  6. vilkiu kas says:


  7. fox dragon1521 says:

    I have found a garden Nome in the brick wall

  8. Thillainadarajah Pragadeesh says:

    I found one home while I was bullied

  9. Johnsoe111 The beast says:

    I traveled to season 7 and tilted towers never got touched and there’s now snow

  10. FazePapi JR. says:

    4 seasons later…

  11. Dark knight 468 says:


  12. PUGS Are Amazing says:

    The giant shark is the shark pickaxe

  13. xd Noluck006 says:

    Fe4rless is way better then you and he is in x box and that is saying something.

  14. Charmain Bokinac says:

    The gnomes were a challenge

  15. Evee Gang says:

    One day one day tilted is gonna get destroyed

  16. Luke Logan says:

    When the media was getting bigger and it was probably just getting closer

  17. SHAMIM FAYSAL says:

    I'm his son I predict that it will destroy loot lake or polar peak

  18. ReKdCrafter10 Gaming says:

    Anybody season 7

  19. Cole Earth says:

    I watch Dr p

  20. Francind Diaz says:

    I can't understand what are you saying At it's Fast Talking

  21. Nicolly da silva says:


  22. ΩMΞGΛ PЯΘJΞCT says:

    Who’s here in season 7?

  23. Ethan Parke says:

    yes i saw the bear

  24. Susanna Taylor says:

    Omg these are cool

  25. Luz María Campos says:

    The number is pi

  26. Game master Project zorgo says:

    I found 2 of the noms

  27. Emir A says:

    ωнαт тнє тнє мєтєσя ιѕ иσт gяσωιиg ιѕ gєттιиg ¢ℓσѕє∂ ∂ααααα

  28. Iliya Zverev says:

    The easte egg was added just for fun.

  29. Rip KadeZ new channel maybe coming says:

    The likes number was pie not the food the NUMBER!

  30. TL Bonnar says:

    I saw the shark

  31. Beasty Kid says:


  32. t mack franklin says:

    I saw the Giant shark

  33. Brody Braniff says:

    It never got bigger it just got closer and closer to the map

  34. Where is Liss says:

    when you realize that the meteor hit dusty

  35. torisaurus rawr says:

    I fawn 5

  36. Stacy Ferrara says:

    Season 6 anybody

  37. Jiaxi hao says:

    the shark is a yer's big head.

  38. Pystol Holster says:

    My birthday this month april 5th

  39. random person says:

    for the moon one mabey u are stuck in infinint loop

  40. TacoSon360 says:

    Ah man I’m not smart lol

  41. BeastModeGaming says:

    7:00 It was fustrating

  42. Cool Gamer says:

    U can go to spawn island!!!!!!

  43. Ben Topal says:

    It hits dusty depo

  44. Lolhaker227 7 says:

    That’s not new

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