10 Best PS4 | Xbox One Games That Were CANCELLED

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Sometimes the coolest looking games never make it to market. Here are some PS4/Xbox One generation games we were hoping to see that got more or less canceled.
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28 Responses

  1. badtemper88 says:

    1313 hurt me, like really hurt.

  2. Warm It Up Chris says:

    Sleeping Dogs 2

  3. Drogon 298 says:

    "EA wanted to make a different type of Star Wars game." Video clip of loot box gambling appears lol. I lost it.

  4. Tyson Williams says:

    Fable Legends wasn’t a faithful Fable game in its gameplay but it looked like a lot of fun in its own right and really disappointed they just cancelled it, Xbox needs to get their house in order

  5. Tyson Williams says:

    Maybe Deep Down will come to the next generation

  6. Tyson Williams says:

    Disney Infinity was improving a lot with every installment, they got a bit too ambitious for their britches, rip I still collect some of the figures cause they’re just so nice, consistent but unique designs, better than funko shit

  7. Bèétzx Oņýx says:

    Silent Hill deserves #1 imo

  8. Snake Eyed Ghoul says:

    There's a part of me that is almost happy that Silent Hills wasn't made… that game would have fuckin killed me. Dead. I can picture it now… 3am, lights off, I sit alone in my room playing the game. Then outta nowhere a Guillermo del Toro jumpscare happens and BOOM… I shit my heart out of my ass

  9. Poison says:

    I took a photo of the big black poop I just took

  10. Rizal Ajo says:

    God gimme back my silent hill… :')

  11. MAPerez _ says:

    The one canceled game I miss the most is paragon, loved the game and everything about it but they closed it down for fortnite

  12. Suraj Mangaroo says:

    Dead Island 2 …The Trailer was awesome …a few years back….it was said to come out in 2016….it never did RIP

  13. Geribaldi's Games says:

    Hmm, didn't know that TellTale games shut down. Still have the Batman game on my Steam wishlist

  14. Iain Debono says:

    Why focus on the past what could have been. Even if they did come out some if not most of these would just be forgotten or a disappointment. Just assuming a game would be good cause it didn't come out or was made by so far good developers is a foolish endevour.

  15. Trippy Martian says:

    Rip prey 2

  16. GamingBoiTV says:

    Damn! I really wanted to see Silent Hills, Telltale Stranger Things. And the star wars games

  17. Andrés Felipe says:

    Rockstar´s Agent, we never got any info besides the image and a press conference.

  18. Adam S says:

    This video just makes me depressed particularly prey 2

  19. Armand Assante says:

    More like Bore Ragnorok

  20. andrew browne says:

    I heard something about they might remaster star wars republic commando

  21. Lucian Andries says:

    10 Best PS4 | Xbox One Games That Play Better On PC… XD

  22. Ghostacus Gaming says:

    RIP to those poor forgotten projects, you will be remembered dearly.

  23. Sir. Fender says:

    Does Half Life 3 count as a cancelled game??

  24. Deejay Dynamic says:

    I was so hyped for scalebound…and alot on this list looked so good/sounded like its be good…

  25. Tlauipil D says:

    I still want Kameo 2

  26. felix wood says:

    For me it's sleeping dogs 2, I'm so sad we'll never get another game in that franchise

  27. jefries Sanchez says:

    When you already knew that most of them were going to be xbox one games.

  28. Michael Benge says:

    Prey 2 I wish it could be. And star wars 1313

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