10 Best NEW Things for Gamers at CES 2019

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CES 2019 had a surprising amount of announcements for video games. Get ready PC gamers, there’s a ton of new hardware coming soon.
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25 Responses

  1. drakey poo says:

    My favorite part was the Xbox Segment. 😀

  2. Joelster says:

    Another cool feature from Nvidia is that they will be supporting Adaptive Sync ( Freesync ) in the January 15 update and launch of RTX 2060 so that's very cool.

  3. Deon Spates says:

    That Anthem trailer looked sick af!!!

  4. Shao Zapomni says:

    If only Dell customer support wasn't garbage and impossible to work with, I'd have that laptop day 1.

  5. Jason Temple says:

    Alienware was the first to make a "thick" laptop that isn't meant to be portable? I ask this as I type on the keyboard of my Asus ROG G74SX that weighs in at about 12 lbs and has easily changable internal parts…

  6. DontPetMyGoat says:

    That Samsung Super ultra wide monitor CRG9……… I WANT IT SOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ray McDermott says:

    1:31 they used a xbox 360 controller

  8. Yuikichi Ichigo says:

    Arm yourselves Americans and canadians, there will be a war soon against people that want sharia law in your country, this is a warning.

  9. Jesse C says:

    Im coming to youguys for help lol im wondering if you could make like 3 videos that explain what some of these numbers mean please keep in mind i know nothing about gameing PCs im asking for a more in-depth breakdown of some information that people new too the PC world should have on deciding what to buy i watch you guys almost everyday thanks for the help if you have time if not its all good im still a fan of your work

  10. Jake Gregos says:

    Radeon VII – price of an RTX 2080, same performance but without DLSS or RT? whats the point? nothing uses more than 8GB memory

  11. PelaajaW says:

    I learned to not buy samsungs laptops THEY FUCKING SUCK but android devices they do them well

  12. whiteandnerdytuba says:

    Somebody should tell them single middle hinge is a very old design. Clevo/Sager etc have been doing it for years. I have one right now

  13. hank patel says:


  14. Instant Replays says:

    List of thing nobody asked for.

  15. Night Raven says:


  16. 2D Person says:

    Triton 900 is a big disappointment, those hinges just why.

  17. JiangLee Lee says:

    The Samsung micro led modulable monitor is the most excited one!

  18. dcxSpartan117 says:

    Personally I am excited for Radeon VII. Its providing a much great performance level than Vega 64 but also with 4 less CU's and while consuming less power. New 3 fan reference cooler is a great step up. You are getting much more Vram than the RTX 2080 and higher memory bandwith. This will help the card age well, as games start to use a higher frame buffer. We have not even seen Navi yet which I feel AMD will be launching at the Mid tier to where it will shine. I'm not worried about not having DLSS or Ray Tracing on this particular card yet. I'd only find that technology useful in single player games where I'm not prioritizing a high fps for competitive use. Good Job AMD keep it up.

  19. ployth9000 says:

    you left out the alienware hdmi 2.1 dp 1.4 55 inch 4k oled monitor the razer products shouldn't even be in this lineup you also left out the 1440p 240hz monitor by lenovo

  20. Siddharth Bhatnagar says:

    Odyssey laptop is ugly

  21. Ladbible 1 says:

    The people at gamerax probably say gamers rise up unironically

  22. Tokyo Warfare says:

    I really dislime single ginge laptops. New gpd also does and sucks. Looks like a 90s business toshiba

  23. Axe pro says:

    the best gaming laptop goes to DELL G7 AND LEGION Y740 at CES19 in my opinion

  24. Internet Alpha says:

    Can't afford any of it rip

  25. Blitz Blitz says:

    Why have you released a video that is nothing more than you re-wording the press release over some B-roll you didn't shoot?

    This is the laziest video i've ever seen covering anything related to CES, either go to the event and actually review it, or don't.

    But this half arsed press release/video is piss poor at best.

    Sorry, i like the channel but this is a joke.

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