1-10 Developer Livestream Recap and Reactions! World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

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It’s the fastest livestream coverage yet, and for good reason! Today we feature Steve Danuser and Terran Gregory in a developer livestream covering lore and story.

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13 Responses

  1. jayoungr says:

    Can't believe you didn't mention the part where they admitted they're rehashing the Horde civil war plot of MoP because MoP didn't really make the Horde question itself.

  2. catrinastars says:

    I like this kind of behind the scenes talk. Learning how things work. How they think and work Etc…

  3. ginch says:

    I have not watched the stream….no link? Strange…..good that there is someone other than Bounce, bounce and can't pronounce that name on speaking about nothing

  4. Brandon Laing says:

    Only blizzard can say nothing in a hour live stream.

  5. Skoorbals says:

    it was neat

  6. Michael Coffey says:

    If your not going to ask questions, no sense doing a live-stream ust do a video and put out your feelings and thoughts….live is ONLY needed when you do something that can make use of it… aka interaction with your customers and players….

  7. Isaac Kramer says:

    Learning is for nerds, nerd!

  8. Fiffer13 says:

    I'm curious if their little "fun" at the beginning was truly a red herring or if they were hinting a female character really is about to die… I've not been very involved in game lately, need to get back in but so busy having fun in other games at the moment.

  9. Dragyngrl says:

    I liked the lore heavy livestream. It was a great break from the norm and what usually happens. I'd really love to see them do more of these.

  10. Morpheus, Lord of Dreams says:

    That self insert Steve Danuser needs to fuck off.

  11. Andre Ware says:

    I'm just waiting for info on the next expansion.

  12. Celywiel says:

    I was a bit sad, that they didn't answered any Questions, but I think they did a solite Job for their first stream

  13. Servant Of The Light says:

    No good story with the Horde’s THICC plot armor. A faction of survivors fighting a faction of nations in multiple fronts doesn’t make sense. But oh wait! They are numberless! Need proof? Orcs.

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